I have used every category of lighting equipment to get my favorites narrowed down. Light is what is needed to capture those incredible memories and you need a photographer that can utilize the light and add light as needed.

Off-camera flash is an expert skill set for photographers. I set up my flash on tripods and trigger the light from a remote on my camera. This is a necessity for tricky lighting situations.

While I do use on camera flash, there is no substitute for using multiple light sources inside.

If you've ever heard anyone ask for a photographer that can capture photos in low light situations, that's me! This takes years of trial and error and multiple courses on lighting education.

Make sure you're not hiring a hobbyist photographer-- anyone can pick up a camera and take photos but can you trust they will capture your day without mistakes? Let's learn more.

Expertise as a Photographer

Composition and Posing

I want to see the best version of you on my camera. I follow the rules of composition and have expert posing tips to make sure the photos are flattering. We work together to make sure you love the images and how you look!


I have shot over 100 weddings! My time shooting weddings has taught me to be flexible, patient, and always have my camera in hand.

I put the Bride and Groom's needs first. This is your day, I am just here to capture the moments and when needed, guide you through the day.

I have my degree from the University of Minnesota in Design. I have over 15 years of experience using editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom.

This is important because of the guarantee this offers! If there is a photo that requires extra editing, I'm confident in my abilities to fix anything.

This is so important because it guarantees peace of mind! Knowing, no matter what, that the images are going to turn out beautifully and reflect your best day ever!